Empowering Your Journey

Through Integrity

Empowering Your Journey

Through Commitment

Empowering Your Journey

Through Quality Legal Expertise



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Integrity, Commitment, & Quality Legal Expertise

At Cruz Gold & Associates we understand that behind every case, there’s a dream being nurtured, a legacy being built, or a new venture taking flight. Our approach intertwines legal acumen with the warmth of understanding, transforming your unique challenges into opportunities for triumph.

Here, you’re not just a client but a cherished member of our family, where your aspirations become our shared journey toward a horizon of success. Embark with our experienced lawyers in Ewing, New Jersey where every legal pathway is paved with empathy, integrity, and relentless dedication to your fulfilment.

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Common Misconceptions in Immigration Law

Common Misconceptions in Immigration Law

Immigration law is a complex and often misunderstood area of legal practice. As an immigration attorney in New Jersey, I encounter numerous misconceptions among clients and the general public. This post aims to clarify some of these common misunderstandings to help...

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Planning Ahead for Your Parents

Planning Ahead for Your Parents

Nobody really wants to think in advance about accidents or illness. But if no advance planning has been done, and if an elderly parent has broken a hip, say, and is about to be discharged from the hospital, the family must make crucial decisions in a highly stressful...

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What Our Clients Say

Martin S.

“Mr. Cruz, give one and one consultation, he literally make you feel like family. He gives you real time feedback, counsel, and breakdown the process. I recommend you use this law firm for all you immigration issues.”

Laura S.

“Zachary Gold is beyond knowledgeable, professional, and understanding.”

Vanessa N.

“Zachary Gold is an amazing attorney. I cannot thank him enough for his hard work and dedication! 5 stars is not enough-I wish I could give him more!”

Danielle A.

“Zachary Gold is a great competent attorney. His practice has been nothing but professional, he responds quickly when I have questions throughout the estate/will planning process. My husband and I are in our 40s, and feel very relieved to have finally gotten something official setup for our family for when we are gone.”


“Zachary helped me navigate a confusing immigration issue for my parents and I could not have been happier. His professionalism and respect for his clients is evident.”

Marta Cruz Gold

Marta Cruz Gold

Remembering Marta Cruz Gold (1969-2023)

Founder of Cruz Gold & Associates (Law Office of Marta Cruz Gold)

We honor the memory of Marta Cruz Gold, our founder and a beacon in the legal community. Marta’s legal journey began at Rutgers University School of Law, leading to the establishment of her practice, The Law Office of Marta Cruz Gold, in 1995. Known for her dedication to justice and mentorship, she left a lasting impact both in and out of the courtroom.

Marta’s legacy of integrity, excellence, and empathy continues to guide us. Her commitment and passion to the realm of immigration law and her role as a community leader in Mercer County remain inspirations to us all.

Marta passed away on June 12, 2023, but her spirit lives on in the work we do and the lives she touched. Cruz Gold & Associates is dedicated to upholding Marta’s values and continuing her mission to provide compassionate legal services in Ewing, NJ.